Another Fall, and 928 Frenzy committee has put together another fantastic meeting for 928 owners from near and far. Enthusiasts on the East Coast and from far away as Texas, Michigan and Montreal gathered in beautiful Virginia to celebrate Porsche’s V8 secret. Darryl, proprietor of Odds and Ends Detailing again hosted the saturday main sessions at his wonderful facility. Some 928‘ers participated in the Fun Run through the twisty Virginia countryside and all gathered for a fine banquet at the Holiday Inn. Post prandial conversations and libations continued in the hotel’s parking lot, including a successful S4 no-start diagnosis with some of the finest 928 brains in the world. Beerfish’s BierKeuhler Racer completed many laps around the parking lot to entertain the crowd. And the sunny weather continued on sunday to accompany those driving home or for the 928‘s going to Summit Raceway to observe the track event and participate in some enthusiastic parade laps.

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